4 June 2013

Baby it's Your World↑ Ain't it?

The first time i heard this sound on my ipod I loved it, then Nicki Minaj done the music video and I am hooked. I remember before the video was released I had watch the behind the scene video and it had looked great and the wait seemed like a  very long time.Plus her outfits in this video are stunning and I love it. She looks HOT.

Outfit No.1
This is the first outfit you see in the video, she looks stunning in this hot pink cut-out bathing suit by Herve Leger paired with Christian Louboutin pumps. This outfit does wonders to her curves and it looks like this was made for her.

1 June 2013

BOOK: A Walk To Remember

Sorry hunnies again I disappeared but I am back and I will make sure I blog regularly. But in the last days I have been addicted to this book 'A Walk to Remember' and I have finally finished it. 

25 May 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes & Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk

Recently, I found a website called KollectionK they sell Asian beauty products from Korea and also K-pop albums. I purchased some products from Etude House, it took about two weeks to arrive and also got a little free gift.

For a long time I have always wanted to try out products from Etude House and I have seen a lot of their commercials. Then finally, I brought some products and have no regrets so I just wanted to share a review with my beautiful readers of the products that I bought. 
Etude House?
Etude is a cosmetic brand that believes makeup should be playful and not a routine. So their products are developed to reflect four basic concepts: high quality, affordability, lovely design and a diverse colour range. Etude loves to promote fun make-up play for all girls around the world to be sweet. (From their offical facebook page)

Chocolate Eyes  from their Sweet Recipe make up range
ETUDE HOUSE: Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes £9.17 GBP @

19 May 2013

Top Bloggers ♥

Its been a while since I have done this segment and I am back. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and followed me though out these years and also all the times I have been absent. The top blogger is a way I thank all my reader for supporting me and staying with me. Domo Arigato (translation: thank you very much). 

This weeks has been amazing, I recently finished all my exams and back to blogging so I am very happy. I wish I will be able to post more interesting post + will try to do more nail art also I would like to do a giveaway soon to say THANK YOU.

If you do not know the rules check the 'Top Bloggers ♥' page above. So the top followers and the top commenter are:
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18 May 2013

I have reached 150 followers ♥ _♥

Hello beauties, 
I am so HAPPY. I have reached 150 followers and now I have 151 followers and I am so happy. I really cannot believe it I made it, now I need to aim higher. Just wanted to say thank you to all my beautiful followers and all my readers, everyone who has stuck with me even when I keep disappearing because of exams and uni work.

Thanks to my followers, readers and people around me, it has helped me to become more confident and more happier. Now, in my life I have the best friends anyone can wish for plus the best sister in the world and I am really happy with all the choices in my life with no regrets.  Also when reading everyone's comments and emails it makes my happy and makes me want to keep on moving when there are difficulties in my life. As Tupac said 'For Every Dark Night There's a Brighter Day'.

So I just want to say THANK YOU for everyone who has supported me and helped me to become the person I am today.. 

Thank you to all these beautiful people who decided to follow me and made it impossible for me to reach 151 followers: